Game-Changing Eye Surgery Restores Confidence in Special Olympian

Light for Sight partner J. Bradley Randleman MD PhD at the USC Roski Eye Institute treated James Caffrey, a Special Olympian for Keratoconus. Unfortunately, people with Down Syndrome often don’t complain about their eye problem, either because they don’t notice or because they can’t communicate the problem well enough. Even though James’ parents, Joanne and Kevin, never heard of Keratoconus, they spotted the tell-tale signs early on leading to James getting treatment and restored abilities. “James is a good reader and he always participated in sports, so we thought his vision was functional and fine,” Joanne his mother said. “But then we noticed him squinting, and turning his head. It appeared to us that he was almost cross-eyed. It came on quickly, as far as we knew.”

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