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Light for Sight in Biel

EEC-ACP in Biel Am 27. April hat das ELZA-Team um Prof. Farhad Hafezi in der Lago Lodge in Biel den 2. Teil der ELZA EEC-ACP abgehalten. Der Titel des Vortrages lautete “Diagnosing Irregular Corneas – Part II” und eine grosse Anzahl von


Interview with Rohit Shetty

Emilio and Rohit sat down during the 2018 CXL Experts’ Meeting in Zurich to discuss combining CXL and PRK to improve the vision of patients with keratoconus, and what Rohit’s research group’s biobanking efforts are beginning to show.


Interview with Frederik Raiskup

Emilio and Federik got together during the 2018 CXL Experts’ Meeting in Zurich to discuss how much life is left in the Dresden corneal cross-linking protocol and when you might attempt epi-on CXL as opposed to the currently more effective


Interview with Theo G. Seiler.

During the 2018 CXL Experts’ Meeting, held in Zurich, Switzerland, Emilio Torres found the time to interview Theo G. Seiler on customized corneal cross-linking, Brillouin Microscopy data and more!


Three forces combine to fight one disease

Swiss National “Future Day,” Light for Sight Foundation & World Keratoconus Day Thursday, November 8, 2018 was the Swiss National “Zukunftstag”, or “Future Day” for 5th grade schoolchildren. During this day, pupils spend the day observing a profession of their


Privacy policy – Light for Sight Foundation

Data Protection law is changing on 25 May 2018 and as a not-for-profit foundation we need to be ready for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We believe that the GDPR is a good initiative for the charitable and