New clinical model initiative to increase compliance levels during eye examinations

Zurich, March 21, 2018


The Light for Sight Foundation launches a new clinical model initiative intended to increase compliance levels of high risk patients during routine eye examinations to better identify and diagnose diseases like keratoconus


To commemorate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, 2018, the Light for Sight Foundation dedicates this initative to all Down Syndrome individuals with keratoconus who have been misdiagnosed based on what the examiner believed was simply low compliance levels.


Literature states that Down Syndrome children and adolescents have a significantly higher risk of having keratoconus than the general population. A Down Syndrome individual also has a higher risk of having attention disorders leading to being socially withdrawn and/or non-compliant. Coupling these two tendencies, special care and thorough examinations are required for this population group.


In clinical partnership with the ELZA Institute (Dietikon), the Light for Sight Foundation is testing a model to help improve compliance among low- to non-compliant patients during eye examinations.    


This model, which is currently called “PINCO” (Patients In Need of Compliancy Support), was developed with a certified applied behavioral Analyst BCBA. This specialist specifically works with patients diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). Patients with ASD tend to be low to non-compliant and need specialized care. By utilizing positive reinforcement and detecting unwanted behavioral patterns, the model may increase compliancy, which leads to more comprehensive and thorough examination.


The Light for Sight Foundation is dedicated to working internationally and aims to provide all its clinical partner sites with the final model. However, as the immediate next step, 12 clinical partner sites representing 8 countries have been selected to spearhead the initiative as the next phase of the implementation process. At the annual CXL Experts’ Meeting held in Zurich in December 2018, The Light for Sight Foundation will offer training for these Light for Sight clinical partners and staff to help them implement this model at their clinical sites.


Although a lot of effort and work has already been dedicated to the PINCO model, there is still work to be done. The Light for Sight Foundation thanks its clinical partners and affiliates for their work to reach out to high-risk population groups and providing their unrestricted access to treatment.