Join Light for Sight

Are you a Vision Care Professional and want to join?

Please check the requirements and contact us.

You are a trained and certified vision health professional
You have completed an ACP (Associate Certificate Program) and can supply the certificate
You have access to a Placido-based topographer (e.g. Oculus Keratograph)
You have a clinical network who can accept your patient referrals
You are able to collect clinical data in a structured manner for research purposes
You have the legal right to perform CXL in your country
You have at least 3 years of experience performing CXL /b>
You have performed at least 100 CXL procedures
You possess Scheimpflug (e.g. Oculus Pentacam) and anterior segment OCT (e.g. CSO MS-39) technology in your clinic--
You are willing to accept low to non-compliant patients for screening and treatment--
You can perform CXL under general anaesthesia when needed
You will adopt the Light for Sight Protocol for low to non-compliant patients
You are willing to screen and treat patients despite any economic hardship
You are willing to teach on a local/national level
You are willing to adhere to the PINCO model (to increase compliance)
You conduct research and publish on keratoconus and/or CXL applications
You conduct ACP teaching modules (e.g. congress courses and/or webinars)
You are engaged in Light for Sight research projects (e.g. KMAP global prevalence study on keratoconus)
You are active in increasing awareness about keratoconus
You would like or are initiating national keratoconus screening initatives
You support and are actively engaged in promoting the mission of the Light for Sight Foundation