Light for Sight Associates Certification Program (ACP) Series 2020

Executive Summary

The goal of the ACP is to provide residents and specialists in ophthalmologists, but also optometrists with practical training and guidance on how best to detect, inform, treat and later manage patients with keratoconus.

After completion of the instructional course and CXL wet lab, the ACP participant will receive a certificate and be recognized as a “Light for Sight Associate Partner.”

Educational purpose of training and intended goals

  • To enhance diagnostic skills, decision-making process and patient management planning of ACP participants specifically focused on corneal ectatic diseases. A strong emphasis is placed on the understanding of the disease process from the basic science/cellular level.
  • To provide exposure to live surgery, specifically to observe a cross-linking procedure to better understand the whole spectrum of care for a keratoconus patient
  • To improve the medical management of diseases of the cornea, including the principles of contact lens fitting and management of complications.
  • To show the importance for early screening and access to treatment, especially for high-risk patient groups like children and adolescents and in the Down Syndrome community.

Saudi Arabia ACP Faculty:
Prof. José Vargas, King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) – L4S Ambassador

The King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital comprises a clinical team of over 1,700 people, including over 90 clinicians and 280 nurses.

Switzerland ACP Faculty:
Prof. Farhad Hafezi, ELZA Institute AG (Dietikon/Zurich) – L4S Ambassador

The ELZA Institute (Zurich, Switzerland) is a team of 24 people, including seven ophthalmologists, optometrist, orthoptist, opticians and medical assistants.

🌍 ACP Course Curriculum 2020


February 13-14, 2020Al-Qassimi Ophthalmology Congress, Dubai, UAE

ACP in collaboration with Prof. Mazen Sinjab and Prof. Mohammed Al Ahmri

December – May 2020King Khalid Eye Speciality Hospital (KKESH), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Video Conference)

ACP in collaboration with Prof. José Manuel Vargas

March 14, 2020: CXL Wet Lab at Saudi Ophthalmological Society Meeting, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

April 11, 2020RIO, Cairo, Egpyt
ACP conducted in collaboration with Prof. Mostafa Salah, Prof. Sherif Karawya and Prof. Farhad Hafezi CXL; wet lab to follow.

May 29, 2020University of Casablanca, Morocco
ACP conducted by Prof. Farhad Hafezi with support from Prof. El El Behlhadji & Dr, Chahbi.

May 30, 2020Clinique de la Vision de Rabat, Morocco ACP conducted in collaboration with Prof. Mouhcine El Bakkali and Prof. Farhad Hafezi

June 5, 2020East West 2020 Ufa Eye Research Institute ACP conducted in collaboration with Prof. Mukharram Bikbov and Prof. Farhad Hafezi

July 18, 2020Jordan Ophthalmological Society, Amman

There are six requirements for participation:

– You are a trained and certified vision health professional
– You have completed an ACP program and can supply the certificate
– You have access to a Placido-based topographer (e.g. Oculus Keratograph)
– You have a clinical network who can accept your patient referrals
– You are willing to screen at-risk populations on a local/national level
– You are able to collect clinical data in a structured manner for research purposes.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying for the ACP, please send an email along with your current CV to: no later than March 31, 2020.