CXL Experts' Meeting 2017


Friday, December 1st, 2017


Chair:Eberhard Spoerl / Ahmed Elsheikh 
09.00Fluence and corneal thicknessEberhard Spoerl (Germany)
09.20CXL: Riboflavin, oxygen, lightSabine Kling (Switzerland)
09.40Corneal structure and biomechanicsSally Hayes (UK)
10.00Corneal Biomechanics: modulating factorsAhmed Elsheikh (UK)
10.20Riboflavin absorption kinetics, enzymatic resistanceDavid O’Brart (GB)
10.40Corneal topographyMazen Sinjab (KSA)
11.00Biomechanical changes after Cross-LinkingRohit Shetty (India)
11.20Panel discussion 


CXL Protocols 1

Chair:Brad Randleman / Farhad Hafezi 
13.30CorVis to measure biomechanics in vivoPaolo Vinciguerra (Italy)
13.50Brillouin microscopy to measure biomechanics in vivoBrad Randleman (USA)
14.10KeratoconusFrederik Raiskup (Germany)
14.30Customized CXLTheo G. Seiler (Switzerland)
14.50Panel discussion 
15.40–15.40Coffee break 


CXL Protocols 2

Chair:Frederik Raiskup / Paolo Vinciguerra 
14.00CXL/PRK and Xtra proceduresA. John Kanellopoulos (USA)
14.20PACK-CXL for corneal infectionsEmilio Torres (Switzerland)
14.40CXL in very thin corneasFarhad Hafezi (Switzerland)
15.00CXL as a refractive procedureTheo Seiler (Switzerland)
15.20Panel discussion 


Saturday, December 2nd, 2017


Chair:John Marshall / Rohit Shetty 
08.30Effects of Drug Formulation, Supplemental Oxygen, and UV Delivery on Epi-On CXLDesmond ADLER
08.38Novel chemical cross-linker for the cornea to treat keratoconusRachel WILLIAMS
08.46Brillouin Microscopy of Human Corneas Before and After Epi-On Cross-linkingDoyle STULTING
08.54Crosslinking of Kpro Corneal Carrier Donor Tissue to Prevent KeratolysisJoseph CIOLINO
09.10Translational impact of Lysyl Oxidase (LOX) on cross-linking/refractive surgery and allied novel point-of-care diagnostic kitPooja KHAMAR
09.18Impact of Stromal Oxygen Dynamics on High-Irradiance Epi-On CrosslinkingDesmond ADLER
09.26Ocular Surface Immune Trafficking and Eye Rubbing in Keratoconus, and its impact on treatment outcomesPavitra PATEL
09.34Corneal UV-light crosslinking promotes high-risk corneal graft survival by regressing mature corneal lymphatic and blood vesselsClaus CURSIEFEN
09.50Safety of High-Dose, Transepithelial, Accelerated CXL with Supplemental Oxygen on Human and Monkey EyesJodhbir MEHTA
09.58In vivo study of femtosecond laser crosslinking of corneal tissue to correct refractive errorsSinisa VUKELIC
10.06Femtosecond laser induced corneal crosslinking towards correction of refractive errors – A parametric studySinisa VUKELIC
10.20–10.50Coffee Break 


Chairs:J. Bradley Randleman/ Farhad Hafezi 
10.50Visual outcomes and graft survival rates of optical corneal transplants after Rose Bengal Photodynamic Antimicrobial TherapyGuillermo AMESCUA
10.58Corneal endothelium and limbal stem cell niche following Rose Bengal Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy (RB-PDAT)Jean-Marie PAREL
11.06PACK CXL as adjuvant treatment for acanthamoeba keratitis. A case studyMehrdad NATHEGI
11.14Accelerated PACK-CXL as adjuvant treatment in infectious keratitisBoris KNAIZER

CXL Plus I

Chairs:Rohit Shetty / Efekan Coskunseven 
11.30An in situ UV polymerised artificial cornea for custom Smile surgeryIoannis PALLIKARIS
11.38Topo-guided Removal of Epithelium in Keratoconus (TREK) and accelerated cross linkingSheetal MAHUVAKAR
11.46Photorefractive keratectomy in patients with primary keratoconus after corneal collagen cross-linkingTimur CHURAKOV
11.54Combined epithelium-off topography-guided photorefractive keratectomy and corneal collagen cross-linkingMiguel Mesquita NEVES



Chairs:Theo Seiler / Emilio Torres 
13.30A novel method to study Bowman’s Layer Topography – A paradigm shift in understanding the corneal surfaceNatasha PAHUJA
13.38Combined SMILE and CXL for Moderate to High Myopia in Patients with Thin or Steep CorneasOsama IBRAHIM
13.46Complications of combined CXL and PRKDenise WAINSZTAJN VAMOS
13.54Allograft lenticule onlay implantation with PRK after CXL in KC treatmentMichael MROCHEN

CXL for keratoconus I

Chair:Paolo Vinciguerra / Riccardo Vinciguerra 
14.10The independent effect of various treatment modalities on crosslinking effectiveness studied in 670 eyesDaniel GODEFROOIJ
14.18Accelerated Versus Conventional Corneal Cross-Linking for Progressive Keratoconus: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsHidenaga KOBASHI
14.26Assessment of association between in-vivo corneal biomechanical changes after CXL and depth of demarcation lineRiccardo VINCIGUERRA
14.40Is PMD a variant of Keratoconus or a different entity ?Ritika DALAL
14.48Effects of corneal cross-linking on tensile properties of posterior and anterior corneal flapsHamed HATAMI-MARBINI
14.56Mega-dose dietary riboflavin and direct sunlight exposure in the treatment of KC and postoperative ectasiaJohn JARSTADT
15.15Congress Group Photo 
15.40–16.10Coffee Break 


CXL for keratoconus II

Chair:Shihao Chen / Michael Belin 
16.10Customized CXL for keratoconus – 3-year resultsTheo G. SEILER
16.18Enhanced-Fluence Pulsed-Light Iontophoresis Corneal Cross Linking: 1-year morphological and clinical resultsCosimo MAZZOTTA
16.26Is corneal CXL treatment effective in stabilizing the corneal curvature during pregnancy in keratoconus patients?Ozge SARAC
16.45Automated Detection and Classification of Corneal Haze using Optical Coherence Tomography in Keratoconus Eyes after Cross-linkingShady AWWAD
16.53Athens Protocol After Femtosecond-Assisted Intracorneal Ring ImplantationBernardo LOPES
17.01Corneal crosslinking (CXL) with two different riboflavin solutions. A randomized, controlled trial.Gerald SCHMIDINGER
17.10-17.30CXL Experts Meeting AwardScientific Committee
17.35Poster AwardScientific Committee
Closing remarksFarhad HAFEZI


1Measuring Corneal Haze with OCT after Epithelial Disruption Corneal Collagen Cross-linking (CXL) with Trans-epithelial Riboflavin (TE) in patients with Keratoconus.Dhwni Shahanand
2The analysis of early safety and stability after Corneal collagen cross-linking in keratoconusWei Shengsheng
3Transepithelial Versus Epithelium-off Corneal Cross-Linking for Progressive Corneal Ectasia: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsHidenaga Kobashi
4Contact lens-assisted collagen cross-linking (CACXL).Elhaddi Mahfoudi
5Simultaneous transepithelial Intra-tunnel cross linking with ICRS implantation versus simultaneous epi-off cross linking with ICRS implantation for keratoconus managementMohamed Hosny
6Corneal Stability after Corneal Collagen Cross Linking in Early AdolescenceMaja Bohac
7The application of Transepithelial Phototerapeuthic Kerathectomy and Collagen Cross-linking in Pellucid Marginal Degeneration/PMD/ case reportBeata Sawicka Wojtiuk
8Long-term results of mechanical epithelial removal versus phototherapeutic keratectomy followed by accelerated corneal cross-linking for pediatric keratoconusOzge Sarac
9Intraoperative Corneal Thickness Changes during Pulsed Accelerated Corneal Cross-Linking Using Isotonic Riboflavin with HPMCNihal Elghryany
10Need of explantation of an intrastromal titan ring after penetrating keratoplasty in two patients with keratoconusKassandra Xanthopoulou
11K Readings, Corneal Thickness and Demarcation Line 3 Months After Accelerated Pulsed Corneal Cross LinkingNihal Elghryany
12An artificial intelligence based customized crosslinking– A new dimension in keratoconus managementRitika Dalal
13Distinguishing keratoconic eyes and healthy eyes using Ultrahigh-Resolution (UHR)-OCT based Corneal Epithelium Thickness MappingNiklas Pircher
14Decreased UV Light Filtering Ability of the Corneal Epithelium: Is it the Cause of Stromal Pathologies in KeratoconusNurullah Cagil
15Comparison of Outcomes with Standard and Accelerated Corneal Cross-linking Protocols in Patients with Progressive KeratoconusJ. Bradley Randleman
16Altered Epithelial Cells in Keratoconus : Implications in CrosslinkingSheetal Mahuvakar
17Effectivenes of Accelerated Corneal Collagen Crosslinking for Keratoconus Patients : A Comparison of Two ProtocolsReny Setyowati
18Accelerated Corneal Collagen Cross Linking for Mild KeratoconusSuhardjo
19Tomographic and refractive characteristics of pediatric first degree relatives of Keratoconus patientsShady Awwad
20Effects of Iontophoresis – UVA cross-linking and hypotonic riboflavin solution on the ultrastructural architecture of human corneal stromaSaeed Akhtar
21Biomechanical assessment of keratoconic eyes after corneal cross-linking by Scheimpflug-based tonometryRobert Herber
22Comparative Analysis of Outcomes of Customised Topoguided Cross Linking versus conventional Cross Linking for progressive keratoconusGitansha Sachdev
23Stromal Demarcation Lines in Corneal Crosslinking (CXL): What We Know about Supplemental OxygenAlexandra Nicklin


CXL in refractive laser surgery

24Wide Area Surface Ablation Laser Guided by Corneal Wavefront Combined With Accelerated Cross-linking in the Treatment of KeratoconusSafwan Albayati
25Pilot evaluation of photorefractive corneal collagen crosslinking for the treatment of low myopia: 6 month resultsSafa El Hout
26Photorefractive intrastromal cross-linking (PiXL) for the treatment of low myopiaGitansha Sachdev
27Epithelium-on Photorefractive Intrastromal Corneal Cross-linking (PiXL) with Supplemental Oxygen for the Treatment of Low Myopic Refractive Error: 6 Month Results of a Prospective Clinical StudyMatthias Elling
28Epithelial corneal mapping in keratoconus: to do or not to do?Mouhcine El Bakkali


PACK-CXL for infectious keratitis

29The Effect of Accelerated Photoactivated Chromophore for Keratitis-Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking as Adjuvant Therapy on IL-6 Level of Corneal Ulcer PatientSuhardjo
30Rose Bengal Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy as an Adjunct Treatment for Infectious KeratitisJaime Martinez Martinez