World Champion in Swimming treated by customized CXL

ELZA Institute, Dietikon Zurich, Switzerland.

Mannie Ng is the reigning DSISO World Record Holder for the 100 m Back Stroke (1:38.05).  She broke the previous world record on December 2, 2008.  Ms. Ng is also a gold medal winner in the 200m Breast Stroke.  

Mrs Ng came from Portugal to the ELZA Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, because she suffers from far progressed keratoconus. Her left cornea is extremely thin, and the team at ELZA had to calculate a customized fluence protocol for this particular cornea in order not to harm the corneal endothelium. The protocol considers corneal thickness, riboflavin concentration, but also oxygen availability. The procedure was uneventful, and Mrs. Ng returned to Portugal yesterday.