Specialized Down Syndrome consultation offered in Zurich Switzerland

Light for Sight partner Farhad Hafezi MD PhD at the ELZA Institute in Zürich offers a specialized Down Syndrome consultation. By focusing on the most common eye related illnesses people with Down Syndrome experience, as well as specialized attention to communication and compliance, the ELZA Institute is at the forefront of services to children and adolescents with Down Syndrome. “I have always thought it was extremely important to advocate special services to children and adolescents with Down Syndrom,” says Prof Hafezi. “We are now at a point where we have mapped out the most common eye related problems with Down Syndrome patients, and screen for them specifically. Keratoconus being one of the most important ones”

The ELZA Institute will be the first Light for Sight Partner to test and use the new PINCO (Process to Increase Compliance) that will allow healthcare professionals to be better prepared to treat patients with low compliancy. Increasing the likelihood of detecting Keratoconus at an earlier stage.