Cross-Linking in children: distinct early improvement at 12 weeks after CXL

CXL for progressive keratoconus in a 12-year-old boy from San Francisco that came to ELZA for treatment.

Early flattening
The topography shows a remarkable result early after CXL of the right eye : the cornea did not only stabilize, but shows a flattening of more than 3 diopters as early as 12 weeks after the procedure. We often see that children react faster than adults. One of the first papers on CXL in children came from our group, and was published in 2013, see the original article here, and a summary hier

In conclusion, we prefer to take no risk in children, and use the best established CXL protocol, with a body of evidence of more than 12 years: epithelium-off CXL, 3 mW/cm2, 30 minutes of irradiation. The success rate of conventional and slow epi-off is more than 95%, higher than any other accelerated or epi-on protocol so far.