Light for Sight Associates Certification Program (ACP) Series 2019

In clinical collaboration with the ELZA Educational Curriculum (EEC)

Executive Summary

The goal of the ACP is to provide optometrists with practical training and medical guidance on how best to detect, inform, and later manage patients with keratoconous. After the completion of the listed didactic courses and conducting a mini-surgical observership with a Light for Sight Ambassador, the participation in the ACP will receive a certificate and named as an official “Light for Sight Associate Partner.”

The Associate Partner should also plan on renewing his/her status every two years. The renewal is to attend at least one ACP or EEC course specifically about keratoconus in a period of two years of receiving the certificate.

Educational purpose of training and intended goals

  • To enhance diagnostic skills, decision-making process and patient management planning of ACP participants specifically focused on keratoconus. A strong emphasis is placed on the understanding of the disease process from the basic science/cellular level.
  • To provide exposure to live surgery of the cornea, specifically to observe a cross-linking procedure to better understand the whole spectrum of care for a keratoconus patience.
  • To improve the medical management of diseases of the, cornea and anterior ocular segment, as well as recognition and treatment of posterior segment disease that may affect the anterior segment,
    including the principles of contact lens fitting and management of complications.
  • To influence candidates to advocate for early screening and access to treatment, especially for high-risk patient groups like children and adolescents and in the Down Syndrome community

Switzerland ACP Faculty:

Prof. Farhad Hafezi, ELZA Institute AG (Dietikon/Zurich) – L4S Ambassador

The ELZA Institute (Zurich, Switzerland) is a team of 24 people, including eight ophthalmologists, and a number of optometrists, orthoptist, opticians and one full-time corneal fellow.

Program Specifics

Course Duration: 12 months
Acceptance / Year: 15 / year
Application Closure: March 31, 2019
Course Fees: None
Observership Fee: CHF250

Course Curriculum 2019

As the 2019 curriculum is our pilot program, the committee has decided to limit the programme to the Suisse Romaine only. However if there is a demand, a German version can be organized.

French Language

  • Monday, March 4, 2019, 1730 onwards
    • NH Hotel, Fribourg, Switzerland
    • “Diagnosing Irregular Corneas – Part I”
  • Monday, May 27, 2019, 1730 onwards
    • Biel/Bienne, Switzerland (Lago Lodge, Biel)
    • “Diagnosing Irregular Corneas – Part II”
  • September 2, 2019, 1730 onwards
    • NH Hotel, Fribourg, Switzerland
    • “Treatment Options for Irregular Corneas”

Surgical Mini-Observership

After the completion of all three courses, each registered participant in the ACP will be entitled to schedule a surgical observership with a Light for Sight Ambassador. The surgery mini-observership will allow the ACP participant to observe a live cross-linking procedure of a keratoconus patient.

As the 2019 pilot certification program is with the ELZA Institute, Prof. Farhad Hafezi, has agreed to accept optometrists in Quarter 4 of 2019. All surgeries will be conducted on Monday.

Evaluation Process

Each ACP participant will have an exit-interview after the surgical mini-observership. This exit interview will be focused on the main topics that were covered in the didactic courses. Additionally, each ACP participant must be able to perform the basic functions of a Pentacam and have access to a Pentacam in their professional setting.

Renewal Process

Every two years, the ACP requires that the optometrist attends at least one ACP course or an EEC with a topic that covers keratoconus. Then, upon the attendance of the course, the certification will be automatically renewed.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying for the ACP, please send an email along with your current CV to: no later than March 31, 2019. Update: All places for 2019 have been filled.

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