Light for Sight 21

Light for Sight 21 was founded in 2011 during a candid discussion that Nikki Hafezi had with her husband, Farhad Hafezi, a keratoconus (KC) medical expert.  She read in several scientific publications that the Down Syndrome population was more likely to have keratoconus than the general population.  So, she asked her husband about how is the Down Syndrome community being notified about this relatively new form of treatment of KC, corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL).

Only a few months, later due to high demand, the “Light for Sight 21″ project expanded to include all children and adolescents with keratoconus and given the general name of “Light for Sight.”

Her simple question is now uniting clinical institutions, research groups, patient organizations and the private sector in achieving one mission to eliminate severe visual impairment among all children and adolescents with keratoconus.